Next Phase for Re-launching Public Services



Starts – May 31
Next Review – June 24

Public Church Activities

  • Sunday Morning Worship Service – Open to Public
  • No other activities in the building

Building Usage

  • Worship Center
  • Foyer
  • Restrooms in the foyer (only one person at a time and do not gather outside the door)
  • Side hallways from foyer to side double doors
  • The rest of the building remains closed

Guidelines for Attenders

  • When you arrive, please enter through the main front entrance. Maintain 6’ distancing as you enter the building.
  • If you have hand sanitizer of your own and can use it immediately before entering the building and again upon returning to your vehicle, please do so. We will have some available in the foyer for use.
  • Please refrain from touching anyone outside your household (no handshakes, hugs, fist or elbow bumps, high fives, etc).
  • Please make your way to a pew and be seated and do not stand and gather anywhere inside the building.
  • Physical distancing within the pews will be marked. We will be using every other row. Families of 3 or more from the same household are asked to sit in the two outside sections (shorter pews)—one family per pew.  Couples and singles are asked to sit in the two inside sections (longer pews) at each end of the pew with 6’ spacing marked in the middle.
  • Please do not step onto the platform unless you have a specific platform role in the service.
  • Please do not go up the stairs or into the balcony (sound room) unless you have a specific role on the tech team.
  • Please wear a mask. This is strongly suggested for all attenders. We will not turn anyone away who does not have one, but we will have extras available at the entrance. Masks should remain on at all times inside the building.
  • Masks are required for all staff and volunteers except when doing something from the platform.
  • We will not have bulletins. All announcements should be submitted ahead of time to be put on the screen.
  • We will not pass the offering plates. Plates will be available at the exits for you to drop in your offering. Please continue mailing, drop off at Rock Island storage, or online giving (whichever works best for you).
  • We will not have a come forward invitation. There will be a time of reflection and response. All attenders will remain in their seats during this time.  Opportunities to meet with someone for decisions or counseling will be announced.
  • Doors will be left open throughout the service.
  • There will be no childcare available (no nursery or children’s church). Children are welcome in the service but must remain with their parents (or whoever brought them). If your child needs something to keep him or her occupied, you will need to bring that from home.
  • At the close of the service, please remain seated and you will be dismissed by rows to keep from creating congestion at the exits.

You should NOT Attend if:

  • You do not feel comfortable attending a public service yet (for any reason). Online services will still be made available.
  • You are in one of the vulnerable categories (over 65 or with underlying health issues) and you do not wish to be exposed to the risk of attending at this time.
  • You are not feeling well.
  • You have knowingly been exposed to someone with covid-19 in the past 14 days.

Final Information

  • The areas of building use will be cleaned each week between services. This will require more cleaning than usual in these areas. This is why it is important to use ONLY the designated areas until further notice.